I'm not interested in what I see,
but rather in how & why I see that
which could be.


Rehaan Goregaoker is an amateur photographer from Mumbai, India. Having initially glanced upon the subject at the age of 12, Rehaan has been practicing photography for 5 years. With no particular specialized genre in photography, Rehaan frames whatever catches the attention of his eyes. However, one may identify from his portfolio that wildlife and abstract photography seem to be his areas of expertise, which in totality bring out the brilliance of his works. Being a keen admirer of the aesthetic and minimalist movements, the simplicity of Rehaan's photographs is what largely makes them attractive, with a hint of symbolism buried within. 


Apart from photography, Rehaan is a dexterous artist with a fresh talent for graphic design and other forms of visual arts. With his main field being abstract art, Rehaan creates art pieces using media that vary from water-colours to graphic editing. The artistic touch that he inculcates is what defines the character of his works and creates an atmosphere of wonder among the viewers. 


Rehaan Goregaoker, Photographer

Mumbai, India

Email: rehaan.go@gmail.com

Instagram: rehaanphotography_

Pinterest: rehaanphotography_

Facebook: rehaanphotographyfb


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